We want all customers to feel well informed and confident about making purchases with us.
For this reason, where possible, we have audio, video and/or downloadable product demos available.  We encourage you to watch, listen and test any and everything!  And if you still have any questions, just ask!  We are happy to answer.
For these reasons, and due to the digital nature of the products, all purchases are final.
You can use the In Session Audio sounds royalty free in music you’re writing for a film, television, video game, pop hit, etc…
It’s a goal of ours to help customers make money with their music!
The Main Things to Know:
  • Don’t share or resell the libraries.  After all: they’re uniquely watermarked by our server to each customer, and you never know what someone will do with your stuff!
  • Make sure you mix at least one other melodic instrument with our loops.  I mean, c’mon: we’re licensing musical tools, not THE music.
    Feel free to contact us if you need any further clarification.
  1. The In Session Audio samples, loops and software (sounds) provided by us remain the property of In Session Audio and are licensed, not sold, to you, a single end-user (Licensee), for use on your software or hardware.
  2. A right to use the enclosed sounds is granted to the original Licensee of the product and is NOT transferable.
  3. The Licensee may modify the sounds and may use the sounds for commercial purposes within musical compositions, subject to point 8 & 9 (see below).
  4. This License expressly forbids the resale, re-licensing or other distribution of these sounds either as they exist or in any modification thereof.  You cannot assign, lease, lend, rent, upload or download to or from any database or server, or transfer any or all of the sounds to another user, or use them in any competitive product.
  5. The Licensor will not be responsible if the sounds do not fit the particular purpose of the Licensee.  The sounds are licensed ‘as is’ without warranties of any kind.  Any similarity to any other recording is purely unintentional and the Licensor cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss arising from the use of any sounds licensed from In Session Audio, or any of its distributors.
  6. The Licensee agrees to use the sounds in compliance with the supported system requirements published for each product.  The Licensor shall not be responsible for, or guarantee the performance or compatibility of the sounds if they are used in a format that they were not programmed for.
  7. Use of the sounds in isolation such as, but not limited to, video game soundtracks, gaming machines, toys (where they appear in isolation or as sound effects) is not permitted without first obtaining a separate written License (subject to availability) from the Licensor.
  8. If using the sounds commercial purposes in ‘library music’ (also known as ‘music libraries’ or ‘production music’), intended for commercial exploitation by re-licensing to multiple third parties, or for any other commercial purposes, the sounds must be used within a musical context and should not be presented ‘isolated’ or ‘solo-ed’.  The sounds must be combined with other music that is comprised of at least one other melodic instrument (non-percussive) recording not made by In Session Audio to effectively form a new composition.
  9.  Unpaid Demo/Trial versions of any product are for evaluation purposes only.  You cannot make money with the use of any of the In Session Audio Demo/Trial sounds.  You cannot use any of the In Session Audio Demo/Trial sounds in any commercial way without the prior purchase of the product from which the Demo/Trial sound comes from.
  10.  The Licensor reserves any other rights not expressly granted in this agreement.
All loop libraries are offered in the following formats: Kontakt, Apple Loop, Acid Wav, REX, Stylus RMX and standard .wav.
In Session Audio’s Kontakt formatted loop libraries require a full version of Kontakt 5.1 or higher.  Most people will only own Kontakt if they specifically purchased it or got it as part of the Native Instruments’ Komplete collection.
Kontakt Player is the free and limited use version of Kontakt that comes with some sample and loop libraries.
Technically, our Kontakt format libraries will work in Kontakt Player, however, they will only run for 15 minutes at a time in “Demo” mode.

  • Kontakt
  • Kontkat Player

If you have a version of Kontakt you can tell if it’s the “Player” version by looking at the top left corner of the interface. Note that it is possible to have both on one computer.
Kontakt Load WindowIn this example we are using the Lowdown Groove Guitar library but the steps are the same for our other libraries.
There is no formal installation process to begin using the patches and loops in Kontakt.
Simply use Kontakt’s file browser tab to navigate to the Lowdown Groove Guitar – Kontakt folder (shown below). Click on any of the files ending in “.nki” to load a patch.
Alternatively, you can drag and drop any of the .nki files directly from the Lowdown Groove Guitar – Kontakt folder into Kontak’s main patch window.
Note: Kontakt’s “Add Library”and load from “Libraries” functions are not available options for Lowdown Groove Guitar or any of our other libraries. This functionality is reserved for locked “Powered-by-Kontakt”
libraries only.
This video will demonstrate how to use the .rar files from your download.
If you do not have a utility to open .rar files, you can download these at no cost:
PC: 7-Zip is available at http://www.7-zip.org
Mac: Zipeg is available at http://www.zipeg.com
If you are receiving a “Load Script Array” message upon loading a Fluid Harmonic patch you need to update to Kontakt to version 5.5.2 or higher.

You can view your version information by clicking on the “NI” graphic in the upper right corner of Kontakt.

All In Session Audio Stylus RMX loops have ben pre-converted to the Stylus RMX format. There is no need to use RMX’s S.A.G.E. Converter.

To use the loops, place the loop library folder or demo loop folder into Stylus RMX’s User Libraries folder.

On Windows the folder path is: C:/ProgramData/Spectrasonics/SAGE/SAGE Libraries/User Libraries

Note: The ProgramData folder is normally a hidden file. To “Show Hidden Files” go to the Start Menu/Control Pane/Appearance and select Folder Options/View tab. Select the “Show Hidden Files and Folders” option and hit “Apply”.


On Mac, the folder path is:
Macintosh HD/Users/Your Username/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics/SAGE/SAGE Libraries/User Libraries


Note: The Library on Lion 10.7 and up hidden. To access it, in the Finder go to the “Go” menu and hold down the Option (Alt) key; the Library folder will then appear as a choice.